Saturday, October 30, 2010

relationship week

So i realize that i haven't really updated in quite a while so i'm going to start where i left off and that was right before relationship week. 

So this was last week and it was another good week of teaching. A couple from the arvada base came up to teach us this week. Sadly i missed the first day of class on tuesday due to a stomach bug. So that was a rough day and kinda boring but it did give me an opportunity to catch up on the last few chapters of the book i'm reading called radical. I even got to listen to a few lessons that my church sent me :) that was a huge blessing. But then i was back in class on wednesday which was good because i don't think i could have took another day just laying in bed. It was kinda boring. It was another good week of teaching, and i learned a lot about friendships and guy/girl relationships. They offered really positive teaching about healthy relationships which was really uplifting. I feel like too often its easy to get caught up with the bad and hard parts of relationships and then ignore all the great uplifting things that are there too. They also really allowed us to think for ourselves when it came to boundaries in relationship. They would present what the Bible said about certain issues then let us discern it from there. It almost felt like i was in bible class at school again listening to Mr. Cote teach on PMRs (potential marriage relationships) so it was nice to hear what i already knew be reinforced. 

On a separate note. i was struggling with some feelings of depression due to the phillies... they let me down big time. I was looking forward to watching the world series and bragging on the phillies the whole time but noo they lost. It was a sad day. 

So thats about it for relationship week. It was a pretty simple week but it was yet another quality growing experience. :)

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