Thursday, January 6, 2011

another quick update from pereira

So I must apologize for my lack of blogging. so much has happened that i dont even know where to begin...
i´ll just start :)
we moved locations just this past weekend. we left cartagena on sunday evening and arrived in pereira on monday night. it was a pretty long and cold bus ride. for some reason the one bus decided to have the ac on full blast for the entire trip. i didnt get it. but anyway we arrived safe and sound in the beautiful city of pereira. the mountains here are so incredibly beautiful. i love all the scenery here and its actually green! the cities are built into the mountains and there are coffee plantations every where. it doesnt get much better than that.
going into this next location our team was aware that the spiritual presence i guess you could say was much more thick and prevelent in this city and once we arrived our team could definitely sense it. This city has opened itself up to a lot of satanic and occult type religions so theres a pretty dark presence here. The first day here we spent the whole morning pretty much in worship and interceding for the city. i dont know how to explain it but there is definitely something brewing here. I feel like God is getting people ready for something big. 
We are spending the next three weeks in and around this city. so heres a basic schedule of events that will be going on:
this week we are spending time connecting with leaders from different churches and prepping for a mini dts camp that our team will be staffing
next week we will be living at a local farm type area outside the city and the team will be running a mini dts for youth from all over colombia. this is going to be a huge time for my team and i think god is going to move in a powerful way
then our last week here our team will be ministering to villages near pereira. we´re still not sure what all we will be doing in those villages but we are hoping to be able to do some flood relief and stuff like that.

These next few weeks are going to be very busy and intense. I´m excited to see what else God has in store for the team. God has really been speaking to people about how pivotal this generation is and its starting light a fire in our team and those around us here in pereira. So if you think about just keep my team in prayer. here are a few things you can pray for:
       good health
      Wisdom for our leaders
      god´s protection
      that our team will be able to maintain focus on whats at hand
      against spiritual attacks
     that we will be able to take back ground in this city that the enemy has stolen and claim that ground for God

I appreciate all the prayers that you have already poured into the team. They make such a difference.
God bless!!