Friday, October 1, 2010

my week in review

Well. I made it through the first week! and so far no melt downs about going home. So i'd say it was a great success :). Let me just inform you all of what the rest of my week included.

The big bull elk on the golf course
Wednesday- This was the day full of hiking and elk fun. We traveled down to Estes state park which took about an hour and a half. But it was a drive through some beautiful mountain scenery. Anywhere you go here you see mountains. its great. So we started out the hike and ended up going the wrong way on a trail. We took the climbing trail instead of the nice little easy trail. The climb was pretty crazy and by the time I got word that we had to stop and turn around I was almost to the top of this mountain. So then on the way down I had my first encounter (and hopefully my only) with a cactus. I was trying to make it down on the trail without sliding so i put my hands behind me to brace myself and put my two fingers right where a cactus happened to be. This also happened about a minute after i had warned a guy to watch out for the cactuses (cacti?) on the trail. So yeah im pretty sure there are still little thorns stuck in my hand. Who knew there were so many thorns on one cactus. O and they range in size too. There were little itty bitty ones and big ones. Anyways. We finally all made it to where we were supposed to be and had a little worship service on the mountain. It was a great experience. I loved it. O and then we went and saw some elk! Apparently they really don't care about people. They just sit and chill while a huge crowd gathers around only about 50ish yards away. They act like they own the town and i think they pretty much do. We spotted a herd on a local golf course and were able to get some pretty awesome pics of them. Even got to hear them. O man they sound so awesome. So then we went over the the local ymca and had some sharing time. I was able to hear all the testimonies of the staff and students. Its pretty amazing to hear what some people have come through and to see some walk out in faith in this DTS even though some have no idea why they are here. That was pretty much Wednesday.

Thursday- We spent that this day at the base all day. We got our work assignments for the rest of the dts. Every week day we have a scheduled work time and during that work time we all have different tasks to do each day. So my work duty is dinner prep. I was pretty happy about that one cause it meant i wouldn't have to get up early or clean anything :). So we had a lot of class time that day so it was pretty uneventful till the evening. We had a pretty intense evening service. Where we were all challenged to relinquish control. God's still working that one out in me. Its a pretty difficult task i must say. So its only been about 4 days into the school and already God has been doing some pretty difficult shaking in my life. Which can only mean even greater things are to come.

Friday- So then today we went down to Boulder for the afternoon where we met up with the musicians dts that is at the arvada base and did a scavenger hunt. Pretty fun time. Got to see an interesting side of Colorado. There were lots of hippies there and a good majority i'm pretty sure were stoned. It was a beautiful town despite that though. And when we got back we had the rest of the evening free. I must say my classmates here are pretty amazing and they definitely know how to have a good time.

Weekend plans- So saturday I'm thinking i'm going to get a chance to play some soccer! I'm telling you I'm in the perfect place! One day I'm hiking and seeing elk the next I'm playing basketball and the next I'm playing soccer. Other than soccer and church on sunday its a free weekend. Which i'm kinda dreading and looking forward to at the same time. I'm most definitely looking forward to some down time but yet with down time comes thoughts of home, which i do miss. I know that sunday i'm really going to miss church and being home :(. but i'm taking it a day at a time and try not to dwell on the fact that I'm here for a while.

Well that was a lengthy post. O well. Its whats been happening in my life this past week and its been a very eventful week. So long all and i hope to hear from you soon :)


  1. Janellie, you just make me smile. I can just here you talking while i read this. I pray for you every day and ask my Jesus to give you peace and strength. I love you~Mom

  2. Janelle your days sound like so much fun! Colorado definitely sounds like a "you" place to be =) Glad you're having such a good time.

  3. So I just found your blog today and I must say that I am so impressed with how you are dealing with this transition! You have such an amazing opportunity ahead of you and with the solid foundation you have with Christ, I know it will be incredible! I love you, friend, and wish you the best! Stay in touch!

  4. Love the photo! I bet that was quite an awe-inspiring moment. Although, it sounds like you're having a lot of those kind of moments and in only 1 week! I can't imagine the stories you'll have to share. We prayed for you at Zion today! Your church family loves ya:).