Saturday, October 9, 2010


Theme of this weeks teaching: Characteristics of God. We learned about God as the creator, risk-taker, trinity, father, lover, and a few others. The teachings on the trinity were pretty mind bending and in depth. This whole week was full of information and got a bit overwhelming at some points, but thats why we have the weekend. I've pretty much spent the whole weekend at eagle rock which is nice. Currently I'm sitting by a nice cozy fire in the dinning hall. It's so nice to have some down time finally. All week we are doing something from 7:30 till 6ish. The day can get long fast. But I'm starting to learn ways to keep relaxed and make the most of my time here.

Today was definitely not an all relaxing day however. For one thing my day started at 5 in the morning. Thats right 5 AM. A bunch of us decided to do a sunrise hike to eagle rock which is a rock formation type place that overlooks eagle rock. So we started hiking up this mountain while it was still pretty dark out. So my little headlamp was pretty handy-dandy. The hike up was pretty difficult i can't lie, but the view was TOTALLY worth it. We got up to the top in time to watch the sun change the appearance of the landscape. We could even see the continental divide from where we were. Despite the cold wind and whole fear of heights thing I was able to enjoy it all. Well i was going to try and upload some pics for you all to see but its not working at the moment. So I'll try some other time.

Well thats about it for now. Enjoy your weekend!

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