Sunday, October 17, 2010

Father heart of God

Boy. what a week. The internet finally decided to work up here now so i decided now would be a good time to do some updating. This week we were able to have a speaker named Jeff Pratt come and teach on the father heart of God. He is an excellent communicator and was a walking quote book almost haha. I don't even know where to start with his teaching. I'll try to explain it the best i can. So tuesday the subject was on the passion and dream. He talked about the importance of being impassioned people as followers of Christ. Then he went over the many different faces of passion that God embodies. He is the lover/bridegroom, husband, friend, mother,  and father. Then on Wednesday he spoke on the wall of divide. He was saying that its through our hurts and wounds that we can create this wall of divide between our Creator and ourselves. It is never about God reaching to us rather its about our past hurts or sins that hold us back from truly loving God. He also talked about our times of darkness or captivity that we often find ourselves in. He defined those times of captivity as the times where God seems distant and living a christian walk seems so difficult. He talked about how when we go through those dark times that is when God is able to do some pretty challenging but life-changing things in our lives. Then came Thursday. Wow. that was a very intense day. We had a long time of ministry that day where we were able to surrender some areas that we had held onto and had created walls in our lives. Then on Friday our last day with Jeff, he gave practical ways to walk out this freedom we had experienced from tearing down those walls. I really enjoyed this week a lot and learned a bunch too. It also brought us much closer as a school. It was awesome to watch students reach out to

Then friday evening i went down with some of the people here to the arvada base to take part of a thing called kingdom night, Kingdom night is a ministry they more recently started where they do ministry in downtown denver. There was about 30 or 40 of us that went and it included people from the different schools at the arvada base. So we went down there and we could either walk around with signs that say free prayer or we could just walk around and talk with people. So me and another girl from my school started talking to this one guy who was checking out what was going on. We ended up talking to him for over an hour but got no where it seemed. He was very open to sharing what he believed and he would listen to what we had to say but yet he still didn't quite buy the whole Christianity thing. He believed that putting and name to the whoever created everything limited that being. I found myself feeling really sorry for the guy. He really thought he was living a pretty full and amazing life, but he still had such a huge part of himself missing. In some ways its always harder to minister to the ones who are well off and satisfied with life because its so hard to see there need for Christ. Its even the same for those Christians who are just as well off. They are so easily caught up in there success and having celebrating that success that they forget that with that blessing comes responsibility in the church. 

So as of now i'm still leaning toward going to columbia for my outreach. So its time to start practicing some spanish i guess :). And we leave for Albuquerque, new mexico next sunday to do some outreach there. So yeah thats about it for now. Next week's teaching topic is relationships so it should be another good week. So goodnight all! keep in touch! and GO PHILLIES!!!

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  1. Dearest daughter, So glad you're letting yourself be stretched and challenged. And delighted that you're having a wonderful time. I still miss sharing the sofa with you, tho :) I love you and hope you have a wonderful week. XOXO Mom