Monday, October 3, 2011

And here we go again..

Well this post is going to be short due to the fact that my bed is calling my name, but I really wanted to update my blog so here it is.

So I am back in the beautiful Denver, Colorado once again. I arrived saturday morning and spent the weekend with some friends from my dts that are also here and working with ywam. It was a very fun weekend of just catching up on life. So then came monday and the moving in and settling in part of things. I must say the first week of introductions and adjusting wasn't my favorite thing but I suppose it has to happen. This time around I am down at the main base which has its good and bad points. It was definitely a bit of a change from being up at eagle rock which is where I was last year this time. Also I am living with about 7 other girls in my room which was a bit different than the 4 last time. But I am getting to know people better and I think its going to be very good. So last week was mainly just going over how things work and getting into the routine of living in a community again.

I also finally got to begin the journey that is the school of social justice or ssj for short. There are a total of 15 students in the school and they're all girls. Its a very fun group and I have really enjoyed getting to know them better. We also got the basic over view of what the school is going to look like from week to week. Each week we will be studying different topics such as the spirituality of justice, poverty and urban injustice, human trafficking, and immigration and refugees. Those are just a  few of the topics we are covering. Its going to be some heavy and hard hitting material but I know that God has placed me here to learn these things for a reason. Already He is teaching me so much and we are just starting "official" class time.

So I think that's going to do it for now. I know its short. But there will be a longer one coming soon. This week is going to be full of good stuff to tell you all about. If you have questions or just want to hear more about what I am doing for these few short months seriously please feel free to call me or facebook me or whatever. I love talking about all this good stuff and sharing my heart.
Thanks for the prayers! you rock.