Friday, December 3, 2010

snowboarding, thanksgiving vacation, bible study

So that basically sums up my last few weeks. I apologize for the lack of posting thats been going on as of late. It's getting pretty busy around here with prepping for colombia and such.
So last week i was lucky enough to get to go home and spend thanksgiving with family. It was so nice to come home and see my much missed parents and brother and friends. Of course i had my share plus some of food. Not just over thanksgiving day but i had to stock up on some family cupboard food while i was at it. I forgot how good the food at home is. I am very glad i came home for the holidays. It would have been a long 5 months without seeing everyone if i didn't. So even though it was a short 4 day break, i filled it up with lots of catching up  with people at home. Even though i was sad to leave it was good to come back here. The people here have become like family to me. It really is amazing how close we have gotten over such a short amount of time. The only way i can explain how this happens is God. I just love the pure fellowship we share here and it only comes from all of us seeking God together.
So this weeks topic was biblical study. It was a pretty awesome week of teaching. It felt like i was back at lwa sitting in bible class again. It was so encouraging to hear all the things i had forgotten about bible study. This week showed me just how truly living and active the Bible is. No matter how much i study a passage I can ALWAYS learn something new. Its so awesome. Then to end this week it was topped off with a snowboarding trip to breckenridge. This was my second time ever snowboarding and i'm hooked already :) It's so unfortunate that it costs so much money to go boarding. I guess that means i just have to work a little harder when i get home to make up for it haha. Here are a few pics i took while on the mountain hope u enjoy
This was the beautiful sunrise that morning (yes i was up early enough to see the sunrise 5:45 to be exact)

This would be the amazing view from the top of the mountain

Me and Jeannine getting ready to head down

Me and my awesome roomie Karly :)
So  i know the pictures are few but it was a great day of boarding. No injuries so i'd say it was quite the successful day. Thats all for now. 
Just kidding. I forgot to add thatI leave in about 2 weeks for outreach by the way. Prayers are appreciated for the two teams heading out. There's lots of nerves and excitement. We are gunna have some awesome times in both countries.
Ok for real now. Goodnight all :)


  1. nice clothes, nice hat :)and 5:45 am!!!!!! Glad you had a good day. Two weeks til outreach...i will REALLY miss you. LOve yOu.

  2. Ah, I noticed you were all geared up back then. That probably helped you lessen the risks of getting hurt. Glad you didn’t get wounded, btw. That sunrise seemed like a mood-starter for all of you. I think you should always wake up early whenever you’re on a vacation to catch such views!
    Shanae Buckner