Monday, December 13, 2010

God is good.

So it's about time i update again just because if i put it off longer that means this post will just get much longer. Lots happened this past week so i shall begin with our teaching we had this week. For this week we had some of the staff speak. These teachings were geared towards the area of missions. It was a great week of teaching and i got A LOT out of it all. I feel like it was God's way of showing me that i can really do this whole missions thing. But one day stood out in particular and that day was wednesday. That day a guy from the arvada base came up and talked to us about the Holy spirit's role in giving. Then he had us apply it in a very practical way. He dismissed us to go pray and see if God was asking us to give anything away to our fellow students and staff. God told me pretty much right away what he wanted me to give. He wanted me to give the students who still had outreach money due some money for their outreach. This was hard for me. God has been challenging in that area for some time and I felt like this was an area that i just needed to give over. After i made up my mind to finally listen to God (always a smart thing to do) i was filled with peace. It was a great feeling. So finally the time came for everyone to present our gifts to the people. It was a blessing just to be able to witness all the sacrifice and giving that went on. God showed his faithfulness and goodness to so many people that day. Even me. My one roommate blessed the socks off of me with her snowboard. This spoke volumes to me. It wasn't just a snowboard but it was God's way of showing me that he was really faithful and good. Other people gave rings that had huge sentimental value, clothes, laptops, ipods, a car, and the list goes on. I can guarantee you that there was no dry eye in the room. It was so awesome to see people give up something that meant a lot to them and then turn around and receive something just as precious. Again this just showed God's goodness. It was a powerful week and one i really won't forget.

So then came the weekend. Usually a weekend for me involves a lot of relaxing and just laying around. But this weekend we had our love feast, which is basically a christmas party. Everyone dressed up all nice and pretty. Yes that does mean i, janelle dienner, dressed up too. Hope i didn't shock you all too bad :) It was a great night despite it all tho. Each of the rooms had a little performance thing that they presented to the school. Lots of laughs needless to say. So then sunday night most of the dts went to carrabas  italian restaurant for some yummy food. It was an amazing final weekend. This past weekend was the last weekend we had to spend together as a whole school. This friday the colombian team (the team i'm in) will go down to the arvada base for the weekend. Then we leave from there on sunday for the airport. I know time flies. It's hard to believe that next week this time i will be in colombia. While its very sad to leave the other half of the school that will be going to thailand, i am very excited for outreach and all the adventures we are sure to have. I mean our trip starts off with and 18 hour adventure in the miami airport, we are lucky enough to have that lengthy of a layover their. And from the sounds of things, we might be spending christmas at the beach in Cartegena. How fun! I am sad to inform you all that i won't be able to update my blog very often while there. I'm not sure how often i will have internet access but i will do my best.

Well i've got to run now. Hope you all are enjoying the funness of the holidays that are fast approaching. I know i am. still very sad about the fact that i won't be home for christmas though mom. even though they aren't setting up a christmas tree :(
Anyway. so long. thanks for the thoughts and prayers :) i am very very very grateful for all my support i get from home. You guys rock. k bye now.

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