Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My last 2 weeks

To start with, my apologies for not posting in a  while. I got a little lazy :) Well since i got that off my chest now, let me tell you all what has been going on out here in colorado.

So 2 weeks ago was holy spirit week here. It was a good week for me just to see my beliefs on the subject grow and change some. It was definitely a challenge though just because this topic is sometimes a hard one for me. But it made me go to the Bible and do some good Bible study just to make sure what i was hearing was straight truth. I was so grateful for my high school Bible teaching just because I was able to simply look at scripture and check into the background of it all. Also this week they had a day where some people came in and prophesied over us individually. That was a very encouraging experience and also unsettling in a way for me. What i mean by unsettling is it challenged me to not become satisfied with where I'm at and who I've become. They told me that God had more gifts for me to discover. They also told me to come to a place of rest and peace about my future. Which is what had been on my mind heavily that week. It was a pretty intense week for me but i definitely got a lot out of it.

Last week. Last week's topic was spiritual warfare. Yet another intense week. But i really appreciated the way our speaker presented it. He first off started by talking about community in the garden of eden and how we are called to that community. He talked about how spiritual warfare isn't some super-spiritual thing that only a few people can do but rather its for everyone and its pretty simple. It was also pretty cool to even see some of the power we have in prayer. The week before we had a time of intercession for Haiti and the hurricane that was supposed to hit them head on. Then as we watched the hurricane avoided most of the mainland and went right between the islands. Sadly Haiti didn't avoid all the wind and rain, but a majority of the country was spared. That was pretty awesome to see the power of our prayers and thousands of similar prayers from around the world. Theres something about claiming our authority in the Spirit and seeing results that can unify so many people. Also God has been working within the my dts to strengthen our community. During one our weekly talks as a group someone encouraged the group that to dig deeper into God we need to be strengthened as a community. God has really been working in our group and its so amazing to be apart of this dts.

So that bring us to this week.
This week's focus is outreach prep. So basically all week we are learning skits and dances that we will be performing in Colombia. So far I learned a skit and a dance. Pretty crazy i know, Janelle, dancing. who would've guessed. Sadly folks i don't know if video footage will be available to you all. so sad. and this week started off great with a fun game of soccer. I get to play soccer or basketball at least once a week. it doesn't get much better than that.

O and also I have been privileged enough to be listening to christmas music while it snows out up here. I even got to watch elf the other night. Christmas spirit has come early this year due to the fact i'll be missing it at home. So i figured it was ok for me to start now.

Well thats all for now. P.S 8 days till i come home!! Goodnight all :)

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  1. Dearest Janelle,
    So much stretching and growth!! And i, too, am sorry that no video footage will be available..but there can always be show and tell on thanksgiving vacation :)
    Love you!