Tuesday, August 31, 2010

outreach locations and such

Tonight I found out my two option for outreach. They are *Drum roll please* thailand or colombia!!! I'm pretty much ecstatic about both of these areas. I would love to go to a spanish speaking area and Thailand just sounds amazing. I have a cousin and aunt who would be in Thailand around the same time i am and would it would be pretty fun to meet up with them. These locations kinda seal it for me that Colorado is where I am supposed to be. As scared as I am to leave my beloved Lancaster county, I am starting to get very excited for september 27th (when i leave/arrive in colorado). It's kinda funny how you can be so excited for something yet dread it at the same time. I was never one to enjoy goodbyes or change in general so these coming months will be pretty stretching. Its pretty crazy times right now in my head- one minute I just want to stay, the next minute I'm itching to go. But don't worry even though it may sound like I'm indecisive and slightly bipolar, I think this process is normal so no need to worry for my mental health quite yet :)
As I've kind of been reflecting on life and how it's just brought me too this point in life, I can only think- God is amazing. The timing of it everything is flawless. It gives me hope for whats coming next because I know that whatever may happen, God is going to use whatever happens for His glory. God has brought some pretty incredible people into my path this past year, including a new church family, and they have all made this new step  so much easier. Even in church we are about to go through a book called radical and it talks about really becoming a person surrendered to the will of God and pretty much being radical for God. Its been such an encouragement and is really getting me excited for this change. I know this year is going to mark some pretty significant changes in life for me, and as scared as i may be sometimes, its exciting, radical stuff.
Well i could ramble on all night about this but i should sleep now if thats possible. Hope reading this doesn't get too confusing. If you have questions about anything (including my sanity) just ask :)
Goodnight and God bless.

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  1. I always question your sanity J-nell... ha just kidding! I can't wait to hear where you decide to go! It sounds so exciting =) God has some pretty large, amazing plans for you! Give the Cupboard a kiss for me! But not literally, that would be weird...